Recent Projects

Project: Ontario Wind Energy Portfolio

GTC International was selected by Nextera Energy Resources to provide commissioning oversight on their Canadian Six-Pac wind energy portfolio. Consisting of six large scale wind farms located in western Ontario in the shadow of Lake Huron, these six projects represent a combined wind energy output of >450MW. GTC International was responsible for insuring that these projects with a combined capital investment exceeding 1.2 billion dollars were commissioned and able to meet the expected commercial operation dates. GTC's primary responsibility was to oversee all commissioning and energization of three combined switching and 35kV-120kV step up transformer stations, two 120kV switching stations, two 35-kV-120kV step up transformer stations and a 500MvA 120kV-500kV step up transformer station, all connected by over 250km of overhead transmission line. GTC's scope included overseeing the entire substation testing and startup procedures, interfacing with Hydro One transmission connection, COVER process coordination and IESO/OPA connection requirements.