Recent Projects

Project: 94MWe - 2 x GE LM6000 Combined Cycle Cogeneration

GTC International was selected as the commissioning manager designated to provide complete facility commissioning of a dual GE LM6000 gas turbine cogeneration facility located on a major oil refinery in Saint John, New Brunswick. GTC was required to develop and implement a comprehensive commissioning strategy that provided for the simultaneous commissioning and startup of the two LM6000 gas turbine power plants. This project was accomplished without impacting the daily operations of the refinery and was commissioned and tested without disruption to refinery systems. Each turbine is capable of individual output of 47MWe for a combined plant output of 94MWe. The two HRSG's complete with supplemental firing provide a total of 500,000lbs/hr of steam at 600psig to the refinery processes and additional steam turbine. Electrical power is generated at 13,800 volts and stepped up in two stages to 138KV for distribution to the utility network. GTC international provided the initial pre-commissioning services, system commissioning services, startup, reliability testing and performance testing of the plant, gas compression and SCADA control systems.